Welcome to Fairmount Friends Church!

We exist to glorify God and serve the community in which he's placed us. It is a joy to connect with you as we all connect with Christ.

124 W 1st St
Fairmount, Indiana
Start Here
Come as you are. We are a mix-up of folks from all over Grant and Madison county, and all that we desire is a chance to get to know you. We don't care what you wear or where you come from, we just want to get to know YOU.
What To Expect
When you walk in the front door on a Sunday morning, here is what you can expect...

A Warm Greeting
Folks of all ages ready to give you a Warm Greeting. They'll offer to shake your hand and give you a bulletin that includes information about the morning worship service and other opportunities the church is currently offering.  If you have any questions about where to go or where to find a restroom, they will be happy to help.

The worship service will start at 10:30am and music will begin to play. Our music leader will welcome and invite the congregation to join her in singing 2-3 songs that will be projected on the wall for your convenience. If you don't know the song, that's okay! Our worship leaders are there to help lead. Out of this time our lead pastor, Brock Meyer, will share a greeting and a prayer. Typically he then invites everyone to greet those around them, so this is a chance to meet someone next to you. Some folks will stay seated, some will get up and move around, so during this time do as you are comfortable. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your neighbor. Further into the service our choir director will invite the congregation to join together in singing 2 hymns, led by our pianist and organist. In between the first and second hymn our choir will sing a song of worship and praise. You are welcome to join in singing during each of these songs, or to simply listen and consider the words that are shared.
(The choir meets on Thursday evenings at 6pm at the church to practice if you would have interest in joining the choir.)

Bible-centered Teaching
Towards the end of the service, our lead pastor will transition into a message, or sermon, deeply rooted in scripture, the Bible. Sometimes we are in the midst of a series of sermons, and sometimes Brock is led to speak on a specific topic or scripture. He typically ends the service with a reading from scripture and then prays to close. Afterwards, he and his wife, Alissa, and our Associate Pastor, Andrew Heald, and his wife, Jessica, will be in the lobby area to greet everyone as they leave the church. After the prayer, if you have children, this is when you would head down to the basement or upstairs to find them and hear what all they talked about and see a craft or drawing they made.

Open Worship
Part way through the service, after the offering (intended for members and regular attenders to give as they are led, but you are welcome to give if you choose to do so) and the children have been dismissed, we enter into a time of Open Worship. This is a Quaker, or "Friends", practice where you personally "commune" or spend time in conversation with God. Similar to praying in your head, but intended to be more of a time of listening than a time of speaking to God.

Throughout the service, there will be times of prayer. Prayer is simply sharing with God the thoughts you have and the feeling you are experiencing. No matter where you are at in a relationship with God, whether that is extremely close or non-existent, we believe that God listens and hears what is truly in our hearts. If you are not sure what to do, you can listen to the prayers shared by others, such as the pastors, or you can simply sit quietly and wait for the next part of the service.

Thank you for considering attending Fairmount Friends! We'd love to have you visit and answer any questions you might have about the service, about life, or about God. 

If you have a need that you desire pray for, you can talk to someone on our Sunday Morning Welcome Team, pull one of our pastors aside, speak to the person sitting next to you, or submit a prayer request at the bottom of any page on our website.

We're glad to have you.

Children's Ministry

Our children’s ministry currently welcomes children from birth through 6th grade, and our volunteers help teach the youngest members of our congregation about their savior, Jesus Christ. On Sundays, children enter worship with their parents, and part way through the service they are dismissed to their classrooms.


Nursery care is available throughout the worship service and is staffed by our happy and reliable volunteers. We have one person who oversees the nursery every Sunday with an Assistant present to help as needed.

We love having children involved in the worship service with their families, but we also know they need something more in their realm, so we offer Children's Church every Sunday. Children stay with their parents for the beginning of our Sunday service before they are dismissed to Children's Church midway through the service. 

Kindergarten - 2nd grade are in one class and 3rd - 6th are in another class. 7th grade and up are encouraged to stay with their parents and participate in the worship service with all ages.

*Both Nursery care and Children's church can be found in the basement on the North side of the building.*


Worship doesn’t stop after the Sunday morning at Fairmount Friends – we do life alongside each other! We offer a variety of community groups, which we call Life Groups, each consisting of 8-10 individuals who are committed to encouraging and praying for each other, and discussing ways to apply the sermon to their lives. Joining a Life Group is a great way to revisit the teaching mid-week, and reach a deeper level of understanding with other like-minded people.

Join a Life Group